Leonardo AW109

Leonardo AW109 is a light multipurpose helicopter with 7-9 seats from the Anglo-Italian company Leonardo’s Helicopter. The advanced AW109 model offers a wide range of interior options and additional equipment.

The machine can be used as a corporate or VIP transport, as well as for the needs of emergency rescue medical service or transportation of personnel to sea platforms.

A high level of safety is ensured by the robust construction of the airframe – the type of cocoon in addition to the impact-resistant seats of pilots and passengers, as well as the protected fuel system. Bearing and tail screws are made of composite materials, have optimized geometric parameters, which allows to achieve high aerodynamic stability and reduce noise.

Leonardo AW109
Max. speed 311 km/h
Cruise speed 258 km/h
Max. flight range with main fuel tanks 948 km
Operational ceiling 5974 м
Hover ceiling (OGE) 5059 м
Weight Parameters
Max. take-off weight 2850 kg
With underslung load 1254 kg
GT engines (2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C)
Take-off power 2х640 h. p.
Contingency power 2х550 h. p.
Cabin Dimensions
Length 11450 мм
Width 1590 мм
Height 1280 мм
Объем 4,27 m3
Aircrew 1-2
Service passengers 6+7


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