Avic - ac3x2

The two-engine multi-purpose Ansat helicopter designed and manufactured by the Kazan Helicopter Plant of the Helicopters of Russia holding is a domestic helicopter of a new generation. Among the advantages of this machine are such distinctive features of Russian helicopters as reliability, ease of use, the possibility of non-storing storage and application in various climatic zones. “

Price 90000$
VIN №10996
Year 2005
Flights, hours 1829
Crew 1 pilot + 3 passangers
Helicopter States Resource
Description of State Perfect
Location Moscow
Curtoms Ok
Payment type any
Escort of the transaction – from inspection to delivery and registration
Color Silver
Salon Gray
Complectation Standart
Optional equipment Bubble windows


Mi-8AMT is designed to solve a wide range of tasks: transporting passengers and cargo, transporting bulky cargo on an external load, conducting search and rescue operations, evacuating the injured.
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